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Mount Bereniki 

A hill named after Berenice (a Maccabi princess), overlooking the amazing view of Tiberias. At the mount’s top – remains of the Anchor Church from the Byzantine era.

“Herod” Tiberias Heritage Gallery

The Center offers a variety of activities for organized groups, schools and individuals, and provides guided tours along the history lanes of Tiberias:
“Sites and Buildings” Tour.
“Tombs of the Righteous” Tour.
A tour following the footsteps of combatants, who liberated Tiberias in 1948.
A full-length film on the history of Tiberias is screened in the auditorium:
“Tiberias – Glory and Longing", “Sites and Buildings”.
Folklore stories about the people of Tiberias in the Old City:
Stories and legends of the Holy City of Tiberias.
The relationship between Jews and Arabs in the Old City.
Stories about Tiberias as viewed by artists throughout generations.
“Herod” Center features works by Israeli artists, exhibitions and conversation meetings. You can also purchase original works of art and reproductions. Artistic prints can be done on a variety of materials, such as glass, wood, tiles and metals. It is also possible to order portraits from clay or bronze.
Opening Hours
Sunday-Thursday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Visits and activities must be booked in advance
Contact Information
Telephone for booking: 04-6576038
Mobile: 052-6508801
Address: the Mosque Square on HaYarden Street, adjacent to Bank Leumi, Tiberias

Through the Switzerland Forest landscape

Switzerland Forest router – from south to north. We will arrive at the “Poriya” hostel on Route 7677, pass the entrance to the “Poriya” hostel and continue on the paved road. We will pass a small JNF planting center with forest trees, and reach the Switzerland Forest Viewpoint.
Switzerland Forest Viewpoint – the southern viewpoint in the forest includes two observation sheds and benches. To enjoy the view, move along the long plaza and discover the landscape in-between the trees. Two black stone statues are located at the site.
In front of the viewpoints, west of the landscape road, is the “Guttmann” parking lot, located in the shade of the eucalyptus grove. The parking lot offers picnic tables and children's playgrounds.
A two-level observatory – located about one kilometer north of the Switzerland Forest Viewpoint. The observatory features two levels overlooking the Sea of Galilee, Golan Heights and Galilee.
A three-way observation point – driving north leads us to a junction. The dirt road going down to the east leads to Mount Bereniki (see below). The 900 m long road is very steep and suitable for a 4x4 vehicle and pedestrians.
A paved road leads from the junction to the left and the three-way observation point after about 100 meters. This observation point is divided into three observation sheds, each of which provides a different landscape perspective. Paved trails between the observation balconies are accessible to people with disabilities. The northern viewpoint overlooks the Safed area and Mount Bereniki towering over Tiberias. Opposite are the Golan Heights, and on nice winter days, even Mount Hermon is visible.
A trip of about 1.3 km to the north will lead the travelers to the end of the landscape road on Maale KKL Street in Upper Tiberias.

“Halom Olami” Farm

The “Halom Olami” farm is located in the town of Migdal and overlooks the entire Sea of Galilee, surrounding ridges and valley.
You can enjoy a wide variety of attractions: ATVs, horseback riding, water sports, fun days for groups, couples and the entire family.
Horseback riding and amazing field trips
*Horseback Riding School
*Horseback riding trips along amazing routes
*Extreme challenge trips on ATVs
*Organized jeep tours
*Ponies for children
*ATV tours and creative workshops for children
*Rich buffet and hookah smoking corners
*Training by a team of qualified instructors (Wingate Institute)
Additional services
- Jeep tours
- ATV tours
- Bicycle tours
- Abseiling
- Horseback Riding School
- Guided activities
- Handcraft workshops
- Buffet/Cafeteria
- Beach lawns
- Lawns
- Horseback riding trips
Opening Hours
Opening hours are subject to booking. Open on Saturdays.
Water sports at the Sea of Galilee 050-9693185
Field trips 050-9693181
Horseback riding trips 050-9693184
We are located in front of the west entrance to the town of Migdal

Bicycle Tours – Sea of Galilee Biking Trail

This 142 km long circular route is abundant with nature and landscape. The route surrounds the Sea of Galilee and passes through the main sites in the area. It is one of the longest and most beautiful cycling routes in Israel. The combination of a dramatic landscape, multiple water sites and a wide variety of attractions ensure an unforgettable experience.
Map marking: blue
Marks in the field are engraved in rocks.
Please note: the route is marked and it is recommended to ride counter-clockwise.
The route is divided into four one-day sections to make it convenient to leave a car at the beginning and end of each section, or ride back to the starting point of the section.
From Migdal to Yardenit
A challenging and beautiful section – 40.5 km of moderate difficulty riding along the edge of the Arbel cliff. The route starts from Migdal, passes through the Arbel Stream, ascends at the Namerim Stream to Arbel, passes through Upper Tiberias, crosses the Switzerland forest and ends at Yardenit. Through the circular trail - another 16 km along the Sea of Galilee. Please note: details regarding detours in this section are on the Sea of Galilee Biking Trail. Notes: there is an option of making an interesting yet challenging change in the route and go up the Arbel Stream to the crossing with the Namerim Stream.
From Yardenit to Ein Gev
A flat and relatively easy section, which starts with calm ride down the Jordan River, and continues along a 34 km dirt road at the foot of the Golan Heights. The route begins at Yardenit, goes down the Jordan River, passes through the Naharayim Power Station, goes north along the Yarmouk River and onward at the foot of the Golan Heights to Ein Gev. To close the circle: another 14 km on route 92 and along the “Tzemach” beach.
From Ein Gev to Maale Gamla Junction
This spectacular and difficult 37 km long section, abundant with nature and breathtaking landscape, is worth every drop of sweat it will take to finish it. The route starts at Ein Gev and ascends through Susita to the Golan Heights. From there, the route continues along the edge of the plateau through the Samach Stream to Maale Gamla junction. To close the circle, ride another 13 kilometers (see the description of the Sea of Galilee Biking Trail).
From Maale Gamla Junction to Migdal
A 30 km section of moderate difficulty with many streams, beautiful churches and a magnificent Galilean landscape. The route starts from the Maale Gamla Junction, passes through Beit Tzida valley and churches located in the northern area of the Sea of Galilee. Afterwards, the route crosses the Amud Stream and ends in Migdal. From Migdal you can go back. To close the circle, ride another 21 kilometers on dirt roads parallel to the road to Tabgha and from there – along the Sea of Galilee Biking Trail.
The planning, marking and funding of the route were carried out by the Jewish National Fund and the Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with the Tiberias Municipality, Tiberias Hotel Association and the Jordan Valley and Golan regional councils.
From the site

Yigal Alon Museum 

On the shore of the Sea of Galilee, a magnificent building was established in memory of Yigal Alon, a Palmach commander, minister and one of Kibbutz founders. The museum exposes the visitors to the landscape and history of the Galilee and the Sea of Galilee via presentations and films on several floors of the large building. The main attraction is located in a separate room on the entrance floor – an ancient wooden boat, accidentally discovered in the Sea of Galilee during the dry season of 1980, dating from the 1st century BC to the 1st century AD – the era of Jesus. This discovery aroused excitement among Christians worldwide. The tour is accompanied by explanations and presentations about the discovery and long-term preservation process, the boat’s material composition and its historical value.

The Ancient Katzrin Park 

The ancient Katzrin Park is located where the remains of the ancient city were found and combines between archaeological findings and reconstructed buildings, which once were a vibrant Jewish settlement. Taking a walk in the park is carried out independently, with an assistance of a picturesque map leading across the park alleys and between houses built of basalt stone. In the olive mill, you can learn about the oil industry that provided employment for many residents. You can also visit the house of Rabbi Abun, whose grave was discovered in the village, and with a little imagination, you can see how family life was conducted.

“Hagoshrim” Kayaks

Located on the upper part of the Hasbani River, where you can enjoy nature and kayaking experience on two main routes: Family Route and Challenge Route.
Opening Hours
The site is active from the beginning of April until the end of October.
Open seven days a week, 10:00 am – 3:30 pm
July-August – 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Contact Information
Tel.: 077-2717500
Directions: at the Metzudot Junction north of Kiryat Shmona, turn to Route 99 and drive towards Mount Hermon. After passing Dafna and Dan, turn left towards the Dan Nature Reserve. To the left, Beit Ussishkin will be seen and then drive for another kilometer to the parking lot.

Rob Roy

A magical cruise in real Indian canoes in a tangle of vegetation along the southern Jordan River.
A family attraction that combines creative activities for children and the entire family.
*Building a raft and rafting, while solving interesting riddles and completing tasks.
*Canoe sports – interesting navigation in the southern Jordan river using a map.
* Night sailing – a delightful and romantic sailing experience cruise ending with a campfire event.
Can be combined with a guest artist, an evening of cheeses and wine, or any other idea you might have.
Opening hours
Open seven days a week from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
For groups – booking available all year round.
Note: High quality sailing activities are suitable for all population groups and can be combined with mountain bikes, jeeps and field trips in the area (for groups only).
Tel.: 052-2413176
Fax: 04-6750733
 before the entrance to Kvutzat Kinneret (turn from Route 90 to Kvutzat Kinneret and after 300 meters turn left onto a dirt road).

Jordan River Rafting 

Jordan River Rafting is located about 10 minute drive from Rosh Pinna, near Kibbutz Gadot in the Upper Galilee, in an area with heavenly nature, eucalyptus grove and the Jordan River flowing through its mountain channel.
The site offers a variety of sailing routes: regular route and a challenging route for professionals, using riverboats and kayaks.
In addition, rope and extreme activities, zip line to the Jordan River, bicycle trips, jeep tours, ATV tours, ranger tours, paintball and a wide range of integrated packages for groups are available.
“Iskandar” Restaurant – a kosher restaurant specializing in meat courses and delicious casserole dishes.
Tel.: 04-9007000, 053-8095037
Opening Hours
Open seven days a week from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, prior reservation required